I have planned, managed and facilitated over 100 successful events including; Grand Openings, Customer Appreciation Events, Sporting Events and many types of Sales Events.  Imagine having a lot of fun and making good money at the same time.


Save time struggling with marketing issues. As an objective and highly experienced marketing adviser, I can help you analyze your marketing objectives and opportunites, and then create a strategic marketing plan to dramatically improve marketing results.


I handle all aspects of design including, Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Web Design, Ad Copy, Point of Purchase materials, Email Newsletters, and much more. 


Every business uses photographs in their brochures, advertisements, web sites, etc. Why use clip art when you can have custom photography for not a lot more. I've been published in local and national publications.  To see examples of my commercial and fine art photography, visit: 


Imagine honing your message or ad copy to a point where every time you run the ad you get profitable results.  It can be done. Measuring your advertising is the key to success. Many of my clients know what its like to have an ad that produces results every time its run.

The customer experience is paramount to increasing sales. I can analyze your Customer Experience and help you make manageable changes to increase loyalty and inspire referrals

Customer Experience Management