A few testimonials from clients:


1. “Thank you for helping us get started. Your advice and management of our marketing and advertising was crucial to our success. We are very pleased with the Corporate Identity; the Friends and Family referral program is working great; and we are still getting responses from the ads.”

“To be in business for just 3 months and have a positive cash flow is amazing. Bill helped us put together an extremely profitable grand opening celebration and we’re excited to see what else he will come up with.”

“I wanted to extend my gratitude on the awesome job on the menus and menu boards. The photography looks great and price you negotiated on the printing was fantastic. You definitely take care of us and we appreciate you. Very, Very, Very impressed with your work and we enjoy having you represent us.”

“What you presented was very impressive! You generated ideas that really got me thinking about how we can better promote our services”

“Good Morning Bill, thanks for all your help in making the open house a success. It was very impressive, very professionally done. We received many compliments on the postcard and how it caught their attention. This was the most profitable open house we’ve ever done.”

“The website looks really clean and represents everything we wanted to convey. I also really like the logo you created for us. Both of these projects will be very beneficial to us in the future. Also, thank you for the insight into other areas of our marketing. You’ve given us a lot to think about."

“Bill, thanks for your help with our Chamber Seminar. Your advice and support with this event was great. We landed a very nice project from the seminar that exceeded our expectations. You promised a positive ROI in three months, and you achieved it. Thanks again.”

“Your sound advice for our marketing print material has been very helpful in allowing us to better communicate our mission with our potential clients. I feel that our materials now reflect our true passion to help others and to also educate our target market on why they need our health screening services.”

“Ethos marketing has helped us see the marketing opportunities in our services, and now we are poised to take advantage of them and grow all the businesses on our property.”

“Everyone agreed that your presentation was extremely helpful and timely. They were especially interested in the concepts of “proof of expertise,” “call to action,” and “different vehicles for different purposes.” The information gave everyone good insight into how we market ourselves and the need for excellent customer service. Thank you for sharing your expertise.”

“I really appreciate your help over the last several months. Your dedication and commitment to my business is incredible. I have been very pleased with your work. I look forward to continuing to work with you. I would recommend you to anyone trying to improve their communication and marketing. (You can quote me on that! :))”

“Henry has asked me to find a “hard-hitting, honest and blunt” marketing/advertising consultant to come in and review their advertising budget and past performance and make a recommendation on a “going forward” budget. If there was ever an assignment made for you, this is it.”

“We were very successful this year in raising funds to support our programs, in large part thanks to your marketing acumen and talent.”

“In the last 4 weeks, we’ve averaged 5 estimates per day. I can’t remember when we did so many estimates.” “You are awesome! We’ve already received over 30 estimates from our event. We got the kind of leads we were looking for. We’re landing better jobs and better paying jobs.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the marketing expertise you brought to our organization through your consulting services...You helped me create a strategy that will market our business in a way that focuses on our uniqueness and separates us from our competition…I would recommend your services to anyone looking to do the same for their organization.”

“Anyone can write a sales letter. Anyone can place an ad. But how many actually have the know how to do it successfully? If you want solid, measurable results in your sales and marketing efforts, there is only one place to turn for help: Ethos Marketing.”

“Over a single lunch meeting with Bill, we came up with an idea that will help us add additional value to our customers while improving our profit per sale...I walked out of that meeting really inspired about what we can do with our marketing.”

“Bill Bonney has brought value to my business in many ways. He continues to help me clarify my “ethos” by keeping me focused with insightful questions and honest feedback. His marketing strategies are helping me develop long-term strategies that bring exponential return on our investment. Bill’s creativity and keen eye are helping build integrity between what we say and what we do. We are a young company and I am glad that Bill is here to help us build a strong, principle centered, foundation for our marketing future.”

“Bill, your additions are subtle and wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to do this. It is so appreciated.”

“This is the best advertising experience I’ve ever had.”

“I’ve received a better response from the flyer you created, than anything else we’ve ever done!”

“I truly respect your ability to uncover and understand the educational perspective and goals. I also respect your doggedness to keep us focused on what we need to do to market our services more effectively.”

"I value your judgement in advertising expenditures.  I trust you in spending my advertising dollars."

“Thank you for creating such an awesome holiday card and video for us. They will leave a lasting impression with our clients and social media contacts. You definitely hit “great” on this one!  We are fortunate to have your expertise and creativity working for us.”


"If you haven’t figured it out yet Bill, I really value your opinion and that’s why we have you on retainer.”


“His cutting edge marketing has taken us to the next level. In addition to helping us establish a new corporate identity, his ideas helped us increase sales by 30%!”

“You've challenged me in my thoughts and ideas about marketing and I believe you could help me grow dramatically.”